Vistors Feedback from Art Exhibitions

Favourite painting - The Earth Moves

The movement and range of colours are beautifully intriguing, tirelessly enthralling.  (I like Whirlpool and Whirlwind & Ocean's Eye and others too x)  Fabulous, would love to come to an acrylic pour workshop, will be in touch... Sue F

Favourite painting - Out of Africa

It serves nicely enough for my lady teacher in the local Baptist Church, who, I understand hails from South Africa.  Also, a gentleman teacher from South Wales, G.B... D.W.

Favourite painting - Popping Candy

It gives me good vibes.  The bluey & pinky colours compliment each other well... anon

Favourite painting - Delicate Nature

It seems mysterious at first look and then you see the images of irises... Joan Nash

Favourite painting - Ocean's Eye

There is so much depth and movement in the paint - almost like a vortex.  Fab exhibition... Sarita Nash

Favourite painting - Splash

Great effect colours are cool and contrasting.  Keep up the great work Penny... anon

Favourite painting - The Joker

I love the Joker I think he is cool... anon

Favourite painting - Koi Carp

It will fit in very nicely with my brother Francis Julian's well garded little poem about fishes.  'Swim, swim little fishes, big... D.W.


Penny's Workshops

I have an art studio based in St. John's Worcester, where I host Art Workshops for groups of up to 4 people.

I specialise in teaching Acrylic Pour Asbtract art, which is the new big thing taking hold of America & Europe.  It's great fun, messy and you can get amazing results with absoloutely no previous artistic skill, while becoming more a master of your art as you progress and learn different techniques.

I offer a very relaxed atmosphere, so the emphasis is on 'fun' and enjoying learning something new, that you can keep at the end.

Take the Next Step!

Having enjoyed making your first abstract acrylic pour painting, you may wish to learn some of the other methods or work on a larger painting.  You can do this over 3 sessions of one and a half hours each.  There are many methods you can practice and learn and on the final course you will get the opportunity to put all your new skills together and create a larger canvas painting using your favourite method.  Go to the rates page for prices or contact me directly for more information.


Portrait Graphite Art Workshop's

Have you always wanted to have a go at drawing your pet or a loved one?  Over a period of 3 one hour sessions, we will work through proportion, shading, blending and how to create depth into your drawing.  Groups of up to 6 people (parties welcome). This does require more concentration and a willingness to try methods.  All skill levels welcome, including those that have never tried before.  All welcome!