Malvern Library Exhibition Review

Favourite painting - The Earth Moves The movement and range of colours are beautifully intriguing, tirelessly enthralling.

(I like Whirlpool and Whirlwind & Ocean's Eye and others too x) Fabulous, would love to come to an acrylic pour workshop, will be in touch... Sue F

Favourite painting - Out of Africa It serves nicely enough for my lady teacher in the local Baptist Church, who, I understand hails from South Africa. Also, a gentleman teacher from South Wales, G.B... D.W.

Favourite painting - Popping Candy It gives me good vibes. The bluey & pinky colours compliment each other well... anon

Favourite painting - Delicate Nature It seems mysterious at first look and then you see the images of irises... Joan Nash

Favourite painting - Ocean's Eye There is so much depth and movement in the paint - almost like a vortex. Fab exhibition... Sarita Nash

Favourite painting - Splash Great effect colours are cool and contrasting. Keep up the great work Penny... anon

Favourite painting - The Joker I love the Joker I think he is cool... anon

Favourite painting - Koi Carp It will fit in very nicely with my brother Francis Julian's well garded little poem about fishes. 'Swim, swim little fishes, big... D.W.